Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk Research Group

Synthetic-chemistry-focused research

Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk's interests are in the development of synthetic chemistry (organic and inorganic) of a new class of cyanoxime group bearing molecules and applying obtained compounds for a variety of practical uses.
Chemical Literacy and Writing Chemical Reactions by Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk
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Chemical Literacy and Writing Chemical Reactions

Learn the fundamentals of chemical literacy — writing complete equations of chemical reactions and balancing them — from Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk.

Research group information

Currently our research group consists of graduate students: Kevin Pinks, Patricia McDaniel and Cody Turner.

Our funding consists of an ongoing series of internal grants, external grants and development grants.

We've exhibited a total of 69 presentations across international meetings, national and regional conferences, since 2003.

As of August 2019, we've accumulated up to 118 publications including journal articles, editorials, reviews and book chapters.

We actively collaborate with multiple professors, as well as with contractual organizations that help in carrying out particular research work.