Research Interests

The main focus of my research interests can be summarized into these five specific interests:

  • Medical-biological applications of both cyanoxime ligands and their bivalent Pd and Pt compounds.
  • New light-insensitive Ag(I) cyanoxime compounds and their antimicrobial properties.
  • New organoantimony(V) compounds as non-antibiotic antimicrobials.
  • Self-assembled cytotoxic Pt(II) coordination polymers that emit light in the NIR region.
  • X-ray crystallography of small molecules.

Today 39 different cyanoximes are obtained, characterized and available for further studies. Presence of the –CN group by 10 – 10000 times increases acidity of compounds which makes them better ligands due to easy formation of planar, conjugated yellow colored anions. They readily form numerous coordination compounds with p-, d- metals and lanthanides as oppose to other known monoximes such as aldoximes and ketoximes. Many cyanoximes and their metal derivatives have shown significant biological activity ranging from antimicrobial and cytotic, to growth regulation in plants and organophosphorous pesticides detoxifying agents (antidots).

This side of biological properties of these compounds is reflected in many patents, presentations and publications. One of research projects in my group is dedicated to synthesis, characterization and in vitro biological studies of antimicrobial activity (Ag complexes) and cytotoxicity (Pd, Pt; organotin(IV)) of a large group of previously unknown metallocyanoximates. This work is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Paul Durham from MSU Biology Department.

Another project is dealing with preparation of coordination polymers with metal ions such as Tl(I) or Pt(II) in close special proximity to each other, often almost as close as distance in these metallic elements. Third research project is dedicated to investigations of properties of a group of visible light insensitive Ag(I) complexes that are able to develop sharp and contrast image after exposure to high energy photons such as UV- and X-ray radiation.