Research Group Funding

Our funding consists of a series of internal MSU Faculty Research Grants and Summer Fellowships, external grants from the Petroleum Research Fund, the Research Corporation, the National Institutes of Health and development grant from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk research group funding list (2002–2018)
Year Source Amount
2018 MSU Faculty Summer Research Fellowship $6,000
2017 MSU Faculty Research Award $6,720
2017 Oklahoma State University Joint Exploratory Award $8,000

Oklahoma State University Exploratory Research Award (TBDP, Phase I)

"Drinking water preservation using polymeric coating containing antimicrobial 
silver cyanoximates."

(MSU portion of $8,000)
2015 MSU Faculty Summer Research Fellowship $6,000
2013 MSU Faculty Research Award $6,450
2013 NIH R15 AREA Award (supplement for extra funds) $26,862
2012–2016 NIH R15 AREA Award $396,400
2011 MSU Faculty Research Award $6,150
2010 MSU Faulty Summer Research Fellowship $6,000
2008 MSU Faculty Research Award $6,887
2008 MSU Faculty Summer Research Fellowship $6,000

MSU Provost Research Fund Award (co-PI)

For the 400 MHz NMR spectrometer upgrade for solid state capabilities



NSF Major Instrumentation Award (co-PI)

For the purchase of SQUID magnetometer



MSU Provost Fund Research Award (co-PI)

For the purchase of X-ray single crystal and powder diffractometers



MSU Faculty Research Award



Research Corporation Award



SMSU Faculty Research Grant



American Chemical Society PRF Grant



SMSU Faculty Summer Research Fellowship



SMSU Faculty Research Grant



Department of Chemistry General Start-up Fund

$18,500 / 5 years

Note: This funding list was last updated November 2018.