Foundations of Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduate Certificate

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Set a base for your future in pharmacy. This certificate has courses that will help you pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree or a pharmacy-related job.

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Foundations of Pharmaceutical Science

This certificate is jointly offered by the Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology, and Department of Biomedical Science and provides students with broad exposure to foundational courses in the sciences required for pursuit of a Doctor of Pharmacy or a career in pharmaceutical science.

This certificate is administered by the Department of Chemistry.

Admission requirement

To be admitted students must have declared Pre-Pharmacy as a pre-professional area of interest.

Program requirements (16-18 hours)

  1. BIO 312(3) and 313(2); BMS 307(4); CHM 170(3) and CHM 171(1).
  2. Complete one of the following areas of emphasis:
    1. Biology: BIO 320(4) or BIO 361(4) or BIO 511(4).
    2. Biomedical Science: BMS 308(4) or BMS 321(4) or BMS 442(3).
    3. Chemistry: CHM 342(3) and 345(2).
  3. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

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