Student Opportunities and Services

Tools to help you succeed

Take your knowledge of chemistry outside the classroom as you explore many of the extracurricular programs and activities the department of chemistry has to offer. Our faculty members are committed to helping you develop a degree plan to reach your educational and career goals, while encouraging you to get connected to chemistry outside the classroom.

Department seminars

The chemistry department offers weekly seminars, exploring the depths of chemistry and providing you with networking opportunities. The seminars are led by faculty or leaders in the field from outside the University. See the conferences and seminars page for a schedule of events.

Live with like-minded students

If you are a budding chemist, consider applying for the Physical Sciences, Math and Engineering Living-Learning Community, sponsored by the College of Natural and Applied Sciences. You will have the opportunity to live and learn with those who share your interests, and faculty members from CNAS will create learning opportunities outside the classroom – activities like study and advising sessions, presentations and field trips. Learn more about the benefits of LLC or apply for this great opportunity.

Research and internship opportunities

Research allows you to interpret, apply and share new knowledge with your fellow students and faculty members. Hands-on use of instrumentation is very important for future employment, whether it comes in classes or research. In the department of chemistry you will obtain hands-on knowledge of state-of-the-art instrumentation and lab experience. Learn more about chemistry research opportunities.

Co-op and industrial internships are a superb way to learn about and prepare for a career in industry. For more information, check with the Career Center, Carrington 303, 417-836-5636.

Pre-Medical Society

The Pre-Medical Society of Missouri State University is a student organization dedicated to assisting undergraduates in their medical school endeavors. Prepare for a career in health care by attending monthly meetings and receive guidance on topics such as: course recommendations, Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparation, Missouri State University’s Pre-Medical Committee, medical schools (Doctor of Osteopathic and Doctor of Medicine) and medical school preparation. Contact Dr. Keiichi Yoshimatsu, Chemistry pre-medical society advisor, for more information. For pre-medical course advising, contact Dr. Matthew R. Siebert.

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates provides students of chemistry, chemical engineering and related disciplines the opportunity to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist through professional and social activities. Contact Dr. Keiichi Yoshimatsu, SAACS advisor, for more information.