Student Opportunities and Services

Enrich your chemistry experience

Team up with your peers. Conduct research. Connect with industry pros.

At Missouri State, so much happens beyond the classroom.

Join a student organization

You’ll have good chemistry with the people in these groups.

A model of a human skeleton. In the background, three students analyze a model of a human heart.
Helping you reach a big milestone: Getting into medical school.
A chemistry student tests the flame from a bunsen burner.
Preview the fun things professional chemists can do. Open to all majors.

Faculty contacts

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Get involved with research

Research is a cornerstone of what we do.

You can conduct research for class credit or to increase your skill-set and credentials.

Explore upcoming events

Throughout the year, you can explore the depths of chemistry and meet leaders in the field.

Chemistry alumna Dr. Heather Osswald gives a guest presentation on her research into anti-HIV drugs.
Check out the latest research findings and hear from expert guest speakers.

Live with other budding chemists

Missouri State’s Living-Learning Communities enhance your on-campus experience.

You can live among Bears who share your passion for chemistry and science.

Students in the Stem LLC doing crafts and games during a Welcome Weekend social event.
Live and learn with other chemistry and STEM students. Get insider access to field trips, presentations and conferences.

Need some help?

Use free resources around campus to aid your academic journey.

Find more help through the Guide to Services.