Foundations of Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduate Certificate

Set a base for your future in pharmacy. Take courses that will help you pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree or a pharmacy-related job.

Admission requirement

To be admitted students must have declared Pre-Pharmacy as a pre-professional area of interest.

Program requirements (16-18 hours)

  1. BIO 312(3) and 313(2); BMS 307(4); CHM 170(3) and CHM 171(1)
  2. Complete requirements in one of the following areas of emphasis:
    1. Biology: BIO 320(4) or BIO 361(4) or BIO 511(4)
    2. Biomedical Science: BMS 308(4) or BMS 321(4) or BMS 442(3)
    3. Chemistry: CHM 342(3) and 345(2)