Conferences and Seminars

A chemistry student presenting research to an audience in Meyer Library

Attending seminars is a great way to expand your knowledge of chemistry and experience the preparation required to present research findings.

Throughout the semester, graduate students will defend their finished theses to complete the requirements for a master’s degree in chemistry.

You also have the opportunity to learn from faculty and guest speakers from other universities. Faculty, chemistry students and the entire MSU community are highly encouraged to attend these weekly seminars.

Want to attend?

The chemistry department seminars will be held on (unless otherwise noted):

Some seminars may be delivered via Zoom.

Current seminar schedule

See below for a list of upcoming seminar topics and speakers.

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Institution Title of Seminar
Jan. 17 Dr. Keiichi Yoshimatsu Missouri State University Introduction to CHM 700/701, syllabus, expectations, etc.
Jan. 24 No seminar    
Jan. 31 Dr. Rachael Day Drury University The biological interactions of nanomaterials: Perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions and microplastics
Feb. 7 Dr. Max Lei Geng Univervisty of Iowa Imaging nanoporous particles for chemical separations
Feb. 14 Dr. Santimukul Santra Missouri State University TBA
Feb. 21 Adam Klein and Greg Feldman Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Single-quad vs triple-quad vs QTOF technology – how they differ and what type of data each produces

Feb. 28 Carissa Sutton Missouri State University Development of functional plasmonic nanoceria for the ultrasensitive detection of Ebola hemorrhagic fever
March 6 Dr. Pere Miró University of South Dakota TBA
March 13 Spring break/no seminar    
March 20 Dr. Paul Gubbins UMKC, School of Pharmacy at Missouri State University Career opportunities in pharmacy and how to apply to UMKC-MSU collaborative PharmD program
March 27 Trieu Nguyen and Jacob Linhardt Missouri State University

Nguyen: Encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients into soluplus® a graft block copolymer

Linhardt: Towards the synthesis of long peptides via the utilization of Omniligase-1 recombinantly expressed in E. coli

April 3 Dr. Andres Durantini Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) Advancing alternative therapies to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms
April 10 Dr. Xiaofeng Guo Washington State University


April 17 Shayd Gothard Missouri State University Polyethylene glycol stabilized gold nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol
April 24 Acacia Jurkowski and Clarissa Krimmel Missouri State University

Jurkowski: Crystal optimization, protein crystallography, and structure determination of cyan thermostable fluorescent proteins

Krimmel: 31p NMR investigation of abasic DNA

May 1 CHM499 students Missouri State University


May 8  Week of final exams  


Past seminar schedule