Program Requirements

If you are pursuing a degree in chemistry education, you must meet the below requirements to be eligible for graduation. Also, you must complete the general education program, fulfill the general baccalaureate degree requirements and complete at least 125 hours of course work.

The chemistry education program requires you choose an emphasis in unified or categorical science. Consult your advisor to determine which program is best for you.

Chemistry (Non-Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Major requirements (60-71 hours)

  1. CHM 160(4), 161(1), 170(3), 171(1), 302(5), 342(3), 343(3), 345(2), 375(3), 398(1)*, 445(2), 492(0), 498(1)*, 502(3), 503(1); CHM 504(3) and 505(1); or CHM 506(3) and 507(3) and 508(2); and one hour from CHM 397* or 399*,**.
  2. Chemistry electives from one of the following categories (8-9 hours):
    1. For a basic chemistry program without a specific area of emphasis, at least eight hours from CHM 352(3), 376(2), 399*,** or 499(1-3)*, 460(3) or 461(3), 509(2).
    2. For students with a strong interest in environmental chemistry: CHM 460(3), 461(3), 462(2).
    3. For students with a strong interest in biochemistry or health careers: CHM 554(3), 555(2), 556(3).
    4. For students with a strong interest in education: CHM 352(3), 435(1), 460(3), 462(2). Students interested in pursuing certification for high school science teaching should declare a Foundation of Interdisciplinary Science minor.
    5. For a specific area of interest not included in categories a, b, c, or d: at least nine hours of chemistry courses numbered greater than 300 selected in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and approved by the department head.
  3. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of CHM 398 and 498(2); and CHM 397 or 399 or 499(1).
  4. Related science and mathematics requirements (14-20 hours):
    1. MTH 261*** and 280(10) or MTH 261*** and 288(8) or MTH 287 and 288(6).
    2. PHY 123*** and 124(8) or PHY 203*** and 204(10).
  5. Minor required (or second major).

    *Will also count toward the Public Affairs Capstone Experience requirement.
    **If using CHM399 to fulfill B.1. and B.2.a.: Any hours of CHM399 used to fulfill B.2.a. are in addition to B.1.

    ***Will also count toward General Education requirements.

University level requirements:

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements