MAT (Chemistry Education Pathway)

The following is a sample schedule for this degree — your actual schedule may vary.

Meet with your advisor and find out the class schedule before scheduling classes.

Missouri State is committed to helping you graduate on time.

Before your first semester

Be sure to pass the Missouri Content Assessments, also known as MoCA, prior to being fully admitted in to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

If content area coursework is needed, it should be done before starting the MAT core in the summer.

Review more information about the MAT program.

The following degree plan is based on the 2019-20 catalog and Missouri State general education requirements.

First semester (summer)

SFR 797 Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning 9
Total hours9

Second semester (fall)

SCI 783 Internship in Teaching Secondary Science I 3
RDG 660 Diversity Issues in Literacy and Content Area Instruction 3
RDG 710 Content Area Literacy 3
SFR 780 Educational Research Methodology 3
Total hours12

Third semester (spring)

SCI 784 Internship in Teaching Secondary Science II 10
CHM 798 Research 1-4
Total hours12

Fourth semester (summer)

SCI 662 Teaching Science Using Technology in the Classroom and Laboratory 3
RDG 624 Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Adolescent Literacy 3
Total hours6