Chemistry Education Undergraduate Program

Why study chemistry education at Missouri State?

  • Our program focuses on developing both chemistry knowledge and teaching skills, preparing you for certification to teach grades 9-12.
  • Two focus areas - categorical and unified science - allow you to pursue the best degree option for your career goals.
  • You will gain valuable experience in state-of-the-art lab spaces, including Greenwood Laboratory School.
  • Our experienced faculty have taught in the public school system, which allows you to learn directly from excellent educators and who are informed of current trends.

Degree options

Categorical science

Completing your degree in categorical science will prepare you to teach the more advanced, upper-level chemistry courses in a high school setting. Your experience is enhanced by focusing on more in-depth chemistry courses like biochemistry and organic chemistry.

Unified science

Completing your degree in unified science prepares you to teach introductory level courses in biology, chemistry, earth science and physics and to teach advanced courses in chemistry at the secondary level.This option provides you with a broader experience in teaching science curriculum across several disciplines while maintaining an emphasis in chemistry.