Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Program

A group of chemistry students do prep work as a professor looks on.

Chemistry major: The catalyst for your growth

Everything you see, smell, taste and touch? It all boils down to chemistry.

As a chemist, you can improve life’s vital needs – food, medicine, energy and more.

Why major in chemistry at Missouri State?


A chemistry professor does a demonstration as students observe. He's pouring a liquid substance into a beaker.
  • Prosper at the next stage – Whatever your goals are, we’ll help you achieve them. Work in the industry after you graduate or move on to graduate/professional school.
  • Train and learn in superb facilities – Use the same tools and equipment as professional chemists.
  • Choose your emphasis area – Focus on biochemistry, environmental chemistry, graduate prep or other topics. You can even design your own emphasis area.
  • Gain research experience – Team up with your professors on fun research projects. You could present at conferences and co-author articles in scientific publications.

Specialize your degree with a focus area

No academic journey is the same. In this program, you can tailor your education to match your goals by concentrating on chemistry or biochemistry.


Chemistry: Have broad knowledge

From organic to physical and everything in between, you'll learn about all of chemistry's different subdisciplines.

Designed for: Students preparing for graduate study in chemistry and/or industrial positions in chemistry. This is an American Chemical Society (ACS)-approved degree.

Biochemistry: Study how life happens

Where chemistry meets biology. Explore complex chemical properties and the interactions, processes, structures and functions of living cells.

Designed for: Students preparing for graduate study in biochemistry, industrial positions in biochemistry, and/or health professional schools.

Degree options

Want to major in chemistry? Review the program requirements for the exact courses you need to take.

Use the four-year plans below as a guide for your overall schedule.

A student in a white lab coat handles chemical supplies in a lab.
Careers and outcomes
In chemistry, you can play an essential role in how we understand the world.

Quality matters: We’re ACS-approved

Along with research experience and training in state-of-the-art labs, you’ll enjoy a world-class education.

Our department received approval from the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional Training in 1974 and continues to maintain this certification.